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Every tenant wants to live in a safe, attractive, and well-maintained home. Every tenant wants that home to be in a desirable location. Once these obvious things are taken care of, what do tenants really want? If you want to successfully rent out a Sonoma County investment property, you need to know the answer to that question. 

Think like a tenant and decide how you can set your home apart from the competing properties that are also in the rental market?

We are suggesting three important things that tenants are looking for in a Sonoma County rental property. Evaluate your own home and decide if you’re prepared to be competitive. 

1. Tenants Want Pet-Friendly Homes 

Are you willing to allow pets? Not all Sonoma County tenants have an animal, but an overwhelming majority of them do have a cat or a dog or both. If you don’t allow pets into your property, you’re dramatically limiting your tenant pool. 

We know pets pose a risk. But, with a strong pet policy and good tenant and animal screening, you can actually maximize what you earn and appeal to a broader pool of renters. Tenants with pets typically stay in place longer. They’re willing to pay a pet fee and pet rent. 

You don’t have to throw open the door to every possible tenant. When you’re listing your home, mention that you’re willing to consider pets. This will allow you to attract as many tenants as you can while still being selective about breeds, sizes, and ages. 

2. Tenants Want Smart Home Tech 

Technology is more important than ever to tenants. They’re going to show up at your property with their smart home devices, and they’ll want to be able to connect. Make sure good Wi-Fi is available in your building or your area. Consider making your property tech-friendly with a few minor upgrades to appliances, thermostats, lighting, and doors. Video doorbells are extremely popular. Allowing tenants to install one will help you attract modern renters who are interested in helping you maintain a secure and safe property.

Providing all this great technology on your own can get expensive. You don’t have to completely rewire your home. But, make sure it’s accessible to the types of technology tenants will be seeking.

3. Tenants Want Ease and Convenience

Finally, tenants want a stress-free rental experience. They don’t want to have to chase down their landlord or property manager. They want to be able to pay rent online, download leasing and application documents from their phones, and submit maintenance requests electronically. 

If you don’t think you have the time and resources to provide your tenants with instant notifications when rent is paid or maintenance is completed, consider working with a Sonoma County property manager. Providing an outstanding rental experience is an important part of retaining good tenants and increasing your cash flow and your long term ROI.

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